Becoming a Member of Sinto

Membership dues are one way that Sinto funds all of the great activities that we share.
Joining the ranks of membership also helps you get connected to the vision and future of our center. But really, there are many benefits that come with membership

  • The Sinto Scene newsletter delivered to your door 6 times per year
  • Discounts on travel run by Sinto
  • Special free birthday luncheon in your birth month plus “Sinto Bucks.” and you’ll receive discount tour
    coupons (called Sinto Bucks).

Savings on tours and your birthday Sinto Bucks morethan returns your $20 investment. Please join us!

Lifetime Membership

Lock-in your benefits forever with one payment of $200 & $100 for each additional family member. What a great way to support your center and save money!


Lifetime Rates: (Never Expires)

  • $300 For the primary member
  • $150 For each additional qualifying family member

Membership Dues

Dues are paid annually or with one lifetime payment. For the purposes of family member discounts, an additional family member is: a spouse or domestic partner, parent, child, or sibling of a full price primary member. Members have a 30 day grace period for annual renewals before losing benefits.

Annual Rates: (12 Months)

  • $30 For the primary member
  • $15 For each additional qualifying family member
Members who are renewing can call the office to pay by credit card over the phone.

For more information or to turn in your application in person, click the button below!